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Fulfilling a need for women that's bigger than natural makeup

47% Sales Increase

Quanteon improved the e-commerce customer experience, helped to form a noble purpose, and implemented a purpose-led marketing strategy in 2019. The result was a 47% increase in online sales in Q4 and 97% increase in website traffic.

Their Problem Was

As a pioneer in the natural makeup industry, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques steadily grew sales for over fifteen years. But as competition grew and mainstream brands entered the market, sales went flat for several years.

Greater Clarity and Confidence

Lauren Brooke

CEO, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

I have tried many different marketing companies to grow sales over the last 15 years, but I always felt like they were "shooting in the dark". It was all just a big guessing game!

Quanteon Group is a human-centered business design company, and they have been very centered on our customers and their lives. They gave me clarity and greater focus on how to market and present my company in a unique way to set us apart in the industry.

Since working with Quanteon, I now have a clear, concise understanding and direction for my company's future and our marketing campaigns. I have also gained insights into the struggles of our customers, and how to create an emotional connection with them. I now have the clarity to take my company to the next level and the understanding and confidence to get there.

I've really enjoyed working with Quanteon and appreciate all the improvements you've made. It has made a big difference. Thank you!

Services Rendered

Market Research Study

Human-Centered Customer Market Research
  • What Emotions Cause Customers to Choose Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques?
  • The Lauren Brooke Human-Centered Core Brand Identity
  • Your Human-Centered Brand Emphasis & Statement
  • The Human Needs of Your Customers: Three Groups
  • Competitive Alternatives & Brands
  • What Your Customers Like & Dislike About Your Competitors
  • Reasons Customers Switched
  • Marketing, Product, & Business Recommendations

Shopify + Hotjar + ActiveCampaign + Excel
Human-Centered Data Analysis
  • Customer Product Line Re-Purchase & Abandonment Analysis
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Analysis
  • Website User Experience Analysis
  • Product Search Performance
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Workflow
  • Product Reviews Analysis
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Marketing Effectiveness, Customer Impact, & ROI

Javascript + HTML5 + Shopify
Google Optimize + Photoshop + SurveyMonkey
Purpose-Led Marketing & Automation
  • Purpose-Led Customer Events & Marketing Campaigns
  • Human-Centered Storytelling
  • Customer Journey Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Abandoned Checkout Optimization
  • e-Commerce User Experience Improvements
  • Affiliate Signup Automation