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Are We The Right Fit For You?

If you’re a business owner looking for deeper fulfillment, more profit, and a team with greater commitment, we may be the right consultants for you.

Yes, if you want to make more money and...

Increase the value that your business provides in the eyes of customers and employees
Confidently trust team members to consistently pull through and deliver results
Wake filled with purpose & passion and go to bed optimistic & financially secure

customer authenticity

Increase Sales through Customer Authenticity

How did your team make a difference to your customers today?

CEO, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

"Quanteon Group has been very centered on our customers and their lives. They gave me clarity and greater focus on how to market my company to set us apart in the industry.

I now have a clear direction for my company's future. I have also gained insights into the struggles of our customers, and how to create an emotional connection with them. I now have the clarity to take my company to the next level and the understanding and confidence to get there."

47% Sales Increase

Employee authenticity

Improve Productivity through Employee Authenticity

Do you hold your people accountable, and mentor them through failures to help them achieve their aspirations?

Principal & Owner, Northland Design Group

"Quanteon Group peeled back and identified our inefficiencies and placed honest and guided feedback clearly in front of us while working with our team one-on-one to align us with our company purpose.

The team can clearly see client expectations, and how to stay profitable on each job. We're now more profitable. Jared has helped me move from gut-feelings to facts in decision making. I see a measurable difference."

19% More Profit

The Quanteon approach

Quanteon Group Logo

The Fusion of Discipline & Empathy

"When your people develop discipline out of empathy — in order to make a difference in your customers' lives — you create meaning for employees and a profitable, sustainable competitive advantage."

- Jared Bulloch ,CEO

High-Performance Culture

High performance teams and leaders are at the heart of any purpose-led business. That's why we train, mentor, and coach owners, leaders, and teams to create a Human-Centered Culture.

  • Establish a meaningful Human-Centered purpose
  • Create uncompromising accountability that builds vs. belittles
  • Be completely candid while fully supportive
  • Set high performance standards without creating a debilitating fear of failure
  • Focus on fixing problems vs. fault finding
  • Build confidence & capacity as people make missteps

Purpose-led marketing & products

Communicating and profitably delivering value requires that purpose-led marketing and products are in sync. That's why we design and create marketing campaigns, pricing strategies, and product offerings that combine to create Human-Centered Value.

  • Understand the customer journey to improve their life situation
  • Create authentic, purpose-led marketing campaigns
  • Tell purpose-led stories that connect with customers
  • Improve products and services to optimize for the best change in the lives of customers
  • Optimize pricing to reflect the value created

human-centered automation

To be a competitive, profitable Human-Centered company, your people must spend their time and attention doing what humans do best. That's why we design, customize, and implement Human-Centered automation software solutions.

  • Process and systems analysis
  • Requirements evaluation & solution evaluation
  • System architecture & solution design
  • User experience & interface design
  • Software solution development, testing, & implementation

marketing & automation EXPERTISE




research interviews

Data analysis


PROCESS analysis


Gain Human-Centered insights into customers, employees, and finances.

Discover needs for human progress by understanding the motivation, struggles, and aspirations of your customers & employees.

Get further insight and financial optimization through Human-Centered data and processes analysis.



High-Performance Teams

Executive coaching

human-centered automation

purpose-led products & marketing

Pricing optimization

Ensure that changes in one area complement the needs of other areas. Optimize sales and productivity by:

  • Creating an authentic connection with customers and employees.
  • Improving how you fulfill your customers and employees desire for human progress.
  • Leveraging technology through Human-Centered automation


purpose-led metrics

candor & accountability

impact monitoring

Achieve your noble vision by creating systems that monitor key purpose-led metrics and establishing a culture of Human-Centered candor and accountability.

Make a measurable difference in the lives of your customers and employees while optimizing your profitability.