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Constructing culture and shaping software to raise capacity

19% More Profit

Quanteon developed a visual software solution to track projects, and coached the CEO and staff to form a purpose, and a high-performance culture. The gains in performance and sales resulted in 19% more profit.

Their Problem Was

After successfully rebounding from the Great Recession, Northland saw profit shrink in a strong economy even as sales appeared strong.

Team members weren't pulling together, people looked to Leadership frequently for direction and resolution, and deadlines needed to be hit more frequently.

Honest and Guided Feedback in Decision Making

Jeremy Fillmore

Principal & Owner, Northland Design Group

Quanteon Group took a surgeon-like approach to understanding our team's roadblocks. They deliberately peeled back and identified our inefficiencies and placed honest and guided feedback clearly in front of us while working with our team one-on-one to align us with our company purpose. Jared gets it and we couldn’t see it.

I'm now able to measure when we'll complete each project, and who has too much or too little work assigned to them. The team can clearly see client expectations, and how to stay profitable on each job. We're now more profitable. He’s helped me move from gut-feelings to facts in decision making. I see a measurable difference.

Services Rendered
High-Performance Culture Assessment

High-Performance Culture Assessment
  • Business Owner Interview & Assessment
  • Staff Interview & Assessment
  • Virtual & On-Site Employee Observations
  • Key Recommendations to Improve Employee Productivity (Design Completion Time)
  • Northland Design Quantitative Performance Measures
  • Northland Design Quality Performance Measures
  • Team Performance Recommendations
  • Improving Commitment & Accountability
  • Creating Clarity

Yearly Office 1-Day Retreat
High-Performance Culture Creation
  • Weekly Executive Coaching
  • Yearly Office 1-Day Retreat
  • Individual Coaching
  • Financial Performance Coaching
  • High-Performance Team Coaching
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Compensation Strategy & Financial Modeling

Employee Workload Balancing Automation
Project & Employee Tracking Timeline
Human-Centered Automation
  • Visual Tracking of Active Prospects Along Sales Funnel
  • Sales Pipeline (Concept, Design Development, Construction Documents)
  • Visual Tracking of Client Projects Along Design Process
  • Project Milestones and Employees Assigned to Work
  • Project Timelines & Allocated Hours (Hourly & Fixed Projects)
  • Employee Hours Per Project
  • Project Workload by Employee
  • Employee Availability (for future work)
  • QuickBooks Time Data Import
  • Reduce Duplicate Work
  • Stop Doing Work Beyond What's Contracted